ICSI2017 and Second Multi-Lateral Workshop

Fees include the publication of a maximum of two papers per registration on the dedicated issue of Procedia Structural Integrity.
At least one of the authors of the abstract must register and attend the conference to present the work. To get your conference paper accepted and published in Procedia Structural Integrity, at least one of the authors must register and pay before 04.06.2017

To register for the Conference, please fill in the electronic registration form (link). Each participant, including authors, is expected to pay the corresponding registration fee.

Members of ESIS – European Structural Integrity Society, SPIE – Sociedade Portuguesa de Fratura e Mecânica Estrutural, GIF – Gruppo Italiano Frattura, GEF – Grupo Español de Fractura are entitled to a reduced fee.

Until June 04, 2017
Early Bird Delegate: 500 Euros
Early Bird Delegate member of ESIS, SPIE, GIF or GEF: 450 Euros
Early Bird Student: 350 Euros
Early Bird Student member of ESIS, SPIE, GIF or GEF: 300 Euros

After June 04, 2017
Delegate: 580 Euros
Delegate member of ESIS, SPIE, GIF or GEF: 530 Euros
Student: 430 Euros
Student member of ESIS, SPIE, GIF or GEF: 400 Euros

Registration fee include lunches, coffee-break, conference dinner, and reception first day.

Accompanying Person: 150 Euros
Accompanying Person registration fee include conference dinner, and reception first day.


Cancellation Policy 
In case of cancellation, a written notification should be sent to the conference chairman. If it is received prior to June 06, 2017, registration fees will be refunded with a deduction of €75. No refund can be made after June 06, 2017.


Payment of Conference Fee 
Payments are accepted by bank transfer or credit card. Register here



Mailing Address:
Ms. Carla Gonçalves (VIAGENS ABREU, S.A.)
+351 291 205 912
+351 291 205 918
Dr. Pedro Moreira 

Rua Dr Roberto Frias 400, 
4200-465 Porto