Multi-Lateral Workshop

The Second Multi-Lateral Workshop on “Fracture and Structural Integrity related Issues”

organized by Grupo Español de Fractura, Gruppo Italiano Frattura, and Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM)/Fracture Division

Main Topics

Analytical, computational and physical Models; Biomaterials and Wood Fracture and Fatigue; Biomechanics; Ceramics Fracture and Damage; Composites; Computational Mechanics; Concrete & Rocks; Creep Fracture; Damage Mechanics; Damage and fracture in materials under dynamic loading; Durability of structures; Environmentally Assisted Fracture; Failure Analysis and Case Studies; Fatigue – Crack Growth; Fatigue Resistance of metals; Very High Cycle; Fractography and Advanced metallography; Fracture and Fatigue at Atomistic and Molecular Scales; Fracture and fatigue testing systems; Fracture under Mixed-Mode and Multiaxial Loading; Fracture vs. Gradient Mechanics; Functional Gradient Materials; Impact & Dynamics; Fundamentals of cohesive zone models; Innovative Alloys; Linear and Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics; Materials mechanical behaviour and image analysis; Mesomechanics of Fracture; Micromechanisms of Fracture and Fatigue; Multiphysics and multi-scale modelling of cracking in heterogeneous materials; Multiscale Experiments and Modelling; Nanostructured Materials; Non-destructive Examination; Physical Aspects of Brittle Fracture; Physical Aspects of Ductile Fracture; Polymers Fracture and Fatigue; Reliability and Life Extension of Components; Repair and retrofitting: modelling and practical applications; Sandwiches, Joints and Coatings; Smart Materials; Temperature Effect.


Manuel de Freitas, Portugal

Organizing Committee

Luis Reis
Virginia Infante
Manuel da Fonte


In 2017, the Multi-Lateral Workshop on “Fracture and Structural Integrity related Issues” will be organized within ICSI2017. The combination of both events brings an even more enthusiastic atmosphere for researcher working on Structural Integrity related topics.
The Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Groups of Fracture are strenuous scientific associations involved in several activities run under the umbrella of both ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society) and ICF (International Congress on Fracture). They regularly organise national and international events to promote discussions and the free exchange of ideas in areas of interest to the fields of fracture and structural integrity. The Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Groups of Fracture are organising this first multilateral workshop not only to increase the level of cooperation amongst the Groups themselves, but also to give prominence to the research work done in the Iberian-Latin region of Europe on fracture and structural integrity related issues. In this friendly context, also researchers from other countries than Spain, Portugal and Italy are cordially invited to participate in this unique research workshop designed to allow scientists and engineers to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas in an informal and interactive format at a conference venue in a beautifully scenic Portuguese island.

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